Cuma, Mart 24, 2023

LeasysGO!, the first car sharing dedicated to the New 500…

Sustainable mobility takes centre stage once again in Milan, where the Municipality and Leasys, a Stellantis brand and a subsidiary of FCA Bank, announce the arrival of LeasysGO!, the innovative car sharing service that will allow customers to rent an electric New 500.

  • The launch, expected within the next few weeks, will occur exactly one year after the presentation event in Milan of FIAT’s electric city car.

“In the difficult period that we are experiencing, we are particularly pleased to welcome a new car sharing operator, which brings to Milan a fleet of all-electric cars”, said Marco Granelli, Alderman for Mobility of the Municipality of Milan. “Shared mobility is firmly rooted in society now and in these years it has allowed us to limit traffic and the use of private vehicles without undermining the need for citizens to move. Now we are focusing on electric mobility thanks to these New 500, to which we make available a charging infrastructure in progress but already efficient, with 500 points already operational and another 230 points undergoing approval and implementation. In addition, progressively, and at the latest by 2023, as required by the Air Regulation, all petrol stations will have to be equipped with EV charging infrastructure”.

3 Leasys charging hubs dedicated to the fleet of electric New 500

The LeasysGO! fleet has already debuted in Turin, the birthplace of the New 500, where, with a daily abatement of 1 kilogram of CO2, thanks to a fleet of over 300 cars, emissions of 9 tons (9,000 kg) were avoided on a monthly basis (1). The 400 cars soon available in Milan will be free floating, so they can be used by customers within the area covered without any restrictions and parking constraints. To charge them, use can be made of the wide network of public electric columns located in the city, which will soon be enlarged with the addition of 3 Leasys charging hubs dedicated to the fleet of electric New 500.

The Stellantis e-Mobility team also participated in the development of the project, making available – in connection with the plan to transition to sustainable mobility – all the necessary skills and the overall ecosystem, as a pivot point toward a new mobility. In addition, the e-Mobility team has facilitated the integration of a number of specific features in the New 500 that actually make the car sustainable and fit for sharing.

Which will be managed by the LeasysGO! team

The service was designed as the ideal solution to drive in the restricted traffic areas of Milan. In addition, since this is a car sharing service, vehicle parking will be free, as well be charging, which will be managed by the LeasysGO! team, with the certainty of always finding one of the New 500 charged and ready to use.

The arrival of LeasysGO! in Milan, the country’s main business centre, marks the achievement of a fundamental goal for Leasys and FCA Bank’s project to advance eco-sustainable mobility through the reduction of CO2 emissions. A project that Leasys, a Stellantis brand and long-term rental leader in Italy, started with the opening in 2020 of the first fully electrified Leasys Mobility Store – at Turin Caselle airport, and soon after in Milan Malpensa and Linate airports – in a process that will continue in 2021 with the electrification of all the Stores in Italy.

“Environmental sustainability is one of the main challenges for the future of our sector, with electric mobility as a key factor, especially in a city like Milan, which has always been at the forefront and at the cutting edge in this area. We are therefore proud to offer a service like LeasysGO!, and grateful to the City of Milan for its valuable support”, said Giacomo Carelli, CEO of FCA Bank and Chairman of Leasys.

(1) compared to the gasoline thermal engine of a Fiat 500…