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Ana SayfaWORLD NEWSChereau at the Transpotec Logitec 2019

Chereau at the Transpotec Logitec 2019

CHEREAU has always innovated by offering the most relevant solutions to its customers’ needs for temperature-controlled transport.

The Transpotec fair is an opportunity to take stock of the latest innovations from the French bodybuilder and manufacturer:

CHEREAU NEXT, the first multiplexed refrigerated semi-trailer, INOGAM EVO, the multi-year program for the evolution of the CHEREAU product range, CHEREAU ROAD, the collaborative refrigerated semi-trailer project of the future.

At the Solutrans show in Lyon in November 2017, CHEREAU NEXT received a very enthusiastic welcome at its world premiere and won the silver medal of the 2017 Industrial Bodywork Innovation Award. This was a very remarkable recognition knowing that in 2013 and 2015 CHEREAU had already won the gold medal of this award respectively for MultiDeck-C and SmartOpen-C.

And it is once again a major award that CHEREAU NEXT wins with the second place in the Smart Trailer category of the 2019 Trailer Innovation Award awarded at this IAA show in September 2018.

This success is explained by the many advances proposed by CHEREAU NEXT, in all fields:

Improved ergonomics for the driver, New safety equipment for the driver, quay staff and road users, Optimal performance to ensure the cold chain under the most demanding operating conditions, Unsurpassed tractor connectivity, diagnostic and telematics plugs.

CHEREAU NEXT also benefits from all the developments of the INOGAM EVO program. This multi-year programme, which will be completed at Solutrans 2019, now offers a major step forward, thanks to the redesign of the trailer body and chassis, which allows an improved empty weight of 400 kg – for a 3-axle trailer -.

Finally, CHEREAU is clearly positioning itself for the future through the ROAD collaborative project, which prefigures the refrigerated semi-trailer of tomorrow, which respects the environment and runs on hydrogen thanks to a fuel cell.